Women in Hip Hop

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The next HHC Women’s event: Coming soon!

This survey has been created to give us a baseline of people’s perception of Hip Hop and women’s involvement in it. The results of the survey is collected anonymously, but we’ll need your email address to prevent multiple entries. You don’t have to answer all of the questions on the personal tab, so please answer what you feel comfortable answering. Your answers will help Hip Hop Congress prepare for future events and initiatives in supporting Hip Hop and women’s role in it as well, so thank you in advance for your time. It will take you about 6 min, so fill out as much as you can! Thanks again!

You can view current results here: http://rockfordhhc.org/women-in-hip-hop-survey-results/

*Do you like Hip Hop?

*In Hip Hop, what of the following is most important to you?

*How often do you listen to Hip Hop music?

*What type of Hip Hop do you like to listen to?

*Do you listen to any other genres besides Hip Hop?

*Do you believe women are currently playing an active role in Hip Hop?

*Do you believe the image of women has been degraded in Hip Hop?

*Do you believe it is okay for women to be portrayed in a disrespectful way for music videos?

*In your everyday life, do you use derogatory language to describe the opposite sex?

*Do you believe there is a place in hip hop for gays and lesbians?

*Do you believe that some things are better done by men than women?

*Do you own any albums by women Hip Hop/R&B artists?

*Would you allow your children to listen to Hip Hop music?

*Would you allow your children to watch Hip Hop music videos?

*Do you believe that the women in Hip Hop music videos are at fault for how they are portrayed?

*Do you think that hip-hop music and black culture are directly linked (As in, what happens in hip hop affects the black community and vice versa.)?

*Do you believe that the lyrics in Hip Hop music should be based off of real experiences or fiction?

*Do you believe Hip Hop condones drug use?

*Do you believe Hip Hop condones violence towards women?

*Should Hip Hop music be taken seriously?

*Favorite period of Hip Hop music (multiple answers allowed)?

Please define what Hip Hop means to you.

About your views on Hip Hop, the survey in general, something more about you, etc.
If you want to add anything else, please do so now.